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Laser Tattoo Removal

There are many reasons why you may want to remove a tattoo, but you may be worried the procedure will be difficult or painful.

Laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted tattoos of all colors on any skin tone.

If you want to remove your tattoo for personal or professional reasons, Skin Care at 5th Ave. outside Atlanta, GA, can help.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Lasers are able to remove tattoos by breaking up the ink with a light beam, allowing the body's natural healing process to flush the ink particles more easily.

Using PicoSure® Laser Treatment

Dr. Joseph C. Galitzin from Skin Care at 5th Ave. uses state-of-the-art PicoSure® lasers for safe and effective tattoo removal at his Peachtree City, office serving the greater Atlanta area. Tattoo removal technology has come a long way in recent years, allowing our doctor to easily remove his patients’ unwanted tattoos with less discomfort and minimal damage to the skin. Our doctor is even able to remove bright ink colors that were previously difficult to erase.

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If you have an unwanted tattoo but are concerned about the potential pain, skin damage, and results, Skin Care at 5th Ave. outside of Atlanta, GA, can provide you with a PicoSure laser treatment that is far less painful than other methods, results in minimal scarring and damage, and can produce outstanding results.

We want you to have all the information you need to make this decision, so if you're still unsure about receiving this treatment, you can send a picture of your tattoo to With no cost to you, our staff members will analyze your tattoo and send you an estimate of the cost and number of treatments you may need to remove it. 

If you have any additional questions about this treatment or you are ready to request a consultation with our doctor, fill out our online contact form or call our Peachtree City office at:

(770) 487-2645

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The PicoSure laser has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safe treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Candidates

Any patient who wishes to remove an unwanted tattoo may be a candidate for PicoSure laser tattoo removal. Common reasons for tattoo removal include:

  • Employment
  • Weddings
  • Misspellings or mistakes
  • Military
  • Changes in personal taste

Laser tattoo removal may also be appropriate for patients who did not experience success with other tattoo removal methods. However, if another method resulted in extensive scarring or damage, PicoSure may not be suitable for those patients. Laser tattoo removal may also not be suitable for patients with certain skin conditions and those who are prone to forming keloids.

Be sure to discuss these issues with Dr. Galitzin during your consultation at our office serving the greater Atlanta area so he can recommend the appropriate treatment.

The Laser Tattoo Removal Process

The number of treatments a patient will need depends on the size, age, and colors of the tattoo, as well as the patient's skin tone and how deep the pigment goes. During an initial consultation at our office outside of Atlanta, Dr. Galitzin will examine your skin and tattoo to give you an estimate of how many treatments you may need.

Your treatment will involve these steps:


You will be given protective eyewear to use during each treatment session. Before your procedure, your doctor may numb the treatment area with a numbing cream or local anesthetic.

Test Skin

Dr. Galitzin will test your skin's reaction to the laser before proceeding with the removal.

PicoSure Laser

He will guide the PicoSure laser over your unwanted tattoo. The laser emits ultra-short pulses of light that pass through the layers of skin to heat up and shatter the ink particles. The laser will break up the ink in the outer layers of skin first, and it may take a few treatments to reach the ink in deeper layers.

Soothe Area

Following treatment, an ice pack will be applied to soothe the area and the tattoo will be covered with a bandage and antibiotic cream.

Most patients require at least six to eight treatments, but your tattoo should become noticeably lighter with each appointment. You'll have to wait six to eight weeks between treatments to allow your skin time to heal.

Results will vary from patient to patient.


After your laser tattoo removal at our office outside of Atlanta, your doctor will give you specific instructions to minimize discomfort.

Keep the treatment site bandaged and apply antibacterial ointment for several days to aid in the healing process and reduce the risk of infection. Change your bandage each time you apply ointment.

During the two weeks following your treatment, keep the treated area clean, dry, and protected from sunlight. You should avoid any direct sun exposure between treatment sessions and wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to further protect your skin. Avoid wearing tight clothing and don't pick at the treatment site.

Woman with sunscreen applied to her shoulder blade


Less Pain

PicoSure laser tattoo removal is much less painful than most other tattoo removal methods, including other laser options. Other options may also require surgical removal and downtime.

Less Damaging

While some removal options may result in scarring, the PicoSure laser uses light that specifically targets ink and heat that causes less trauma to the skin tissue, resulting in much less damage to your skin following treatment.

More Effective

The PicoSure laser and can remove even stubborn ink colors and tattoos that have been previously treated. It is more effective than older lasers and can remove tattoos in fewer treatments.


Laser treatment is considered safer than other methods of tattoo removal, such as dermabrasion and excision, because laser treatments only target the pigment in the tattoo. The PicoSure laser has also been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safe treatment.

Satisfactory Results

As with any tattoo removal procedure, some scarring is possible and some traces of the tattoo may still be visible. However, patients typically report satisfactory results.

Tattoo removal technology has come a long way in recent years, allowing our doctor to easily remove his patients’ unwanted tattoos with less discomfort and minimal damage to the skin.
Dr. Joseph Galitzin

Skin Care at 5th Ave.

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